How to Convert Pain into Power, 
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According to JPMorgan, it shows that women’s role has evolved in the professional space over the past 50-plus years; there is still an unfortunate shortage of women in leadership roles. Now is a more crucial time than ever to stand by our fellow women, and there are so many things that we can do on an individual level to grow ourselves and other women.

I call for your support as a woman to help other women by buying my book because for every book sold, I will set aside $7 for charity to empower more women for their stories, courage, and determination to make a better world out there. 

This book aims to empower women based on the journey that I had gone through as a child to adulthood to womanhood and now toward a legacy to aspire & inspire before Xpire.

I became more empowered to support other women after facing negative childhood experiences, careers, and marriage. Instead of letting these obstacles bring me down, I wanted to set an example with poise and grace. Understanding that influential mentors and mentees are hard to come by, I decided to do my best to be one.

I made it my business to mentor other women in my core team to prioritise at least 80% female representation. Through these various channels, I am personally committed to developing 13 female leaders, with my longest personal mentoring relationship lasting 13 years in business. This group of women represents older and younger people and different races, cultural experiences, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The world is changing, and our commitment to mentoring needs to grow as the results. 

As a woman represent the future of the social impact industry in our world. It is my societal responsibility and moral imperative to grow myself and other women, not to mention men who believe in supporting women. We can either build people up or tear them down; I have found myself on both sides of the equation. As you reflect on yourself as a leader, I ask you: Which side do you want to be on? Why should you lead anyone?


  • My journey in finding success and strength through learning, growing, finding love and experiencing miracles.
  • My unhappy childhood, business challenges, and disappointing marriage life. My difficult childhood and adulthood experiences have shaped me to become who I am today.
  • ​My relationship with friends. How they form a key part of my life that has impacted me until today.
  • The ripple effect that hit me and how I dealt with it.
  • ​The metamorphosis phase. I share how we evolve to be better versions of ourselves after going through pivotal life events. The best outcomes usually involve significant disruption and discomfort.
  • ​My transformation journey. I reveal my story of running a business during this COVID-19 situation. I offer nuggets of insight and candid suggestions from my plight and experiences.

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Hi, my name is Cassiopea Yap. 

I am a mother, wife and business entrepreneur. I love learning and enjoy doing business for over 13 years. I obtained my Diploma from London College Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) in the UK and Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. 

As an entrepreneur, I challenged the norm, took the risk, and stepped out from my comfort zone to start my own company that has been running since 2007. I also brings a lifetime of experiences, having owned and ran several different businesses in the past. From then on, my entrepreneur spirit runs in my blood. 

As a Mentor, I hopes to inspire others with my personal life experiences in all area to deal with the challenges of life through humor and motivational spirit and my core message is focused on teaching success strategies and life lessons that provide the tools to Live Life with FULL CONVICTION.

I am aiming to bring out the best in people, to help them achieve their goals and take charge of their lives. 

I am the winner of 1st IWFCI’s Xtraordinary Women 2012. and featured in Channel New Asia 2017, The Straits Time 2018, TikTok Official Edu Creator 2020, and Interviewed by CNA938-Singapore Stories & Money Mind 2021.

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